Upcoming TV Shows

David Domoney’s appearances on prime time TV shows, columns in the national press and long list of horticultural awards have made him a household name.

James Martin

David is the gardening expert on James Martin’s Saturday Morning TV show, giving his advice on ways to enhance your home and garden as well as sharing his wealth of knowledge and infectious enthusiasm for plants and nature with the nation.

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Love your Garden

As a current presenter on Britain’s most popular gardening TV show, ITV1’s Love Your Garden, David has been appearing alongside Alan Titchmarsh before TV audiences of up to 4 million viewers per episode for the last 8 years.

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This Morning

For over a decade David has been the resident gardening presenter on ITV1’s This Morning, giving expert advice to over 1 million viewers and singlehandedly selecting the ‘This Morning’ rose in order to celebrate the show’s 30th birthday for unveiling at the Chelsea Flower Show.

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